Fresh to order

Each bowl is a nutritional

Many superfood ingredients to choose from. Our bowls contain NO ice,
NO frozen yogurt, NO artificial preservatives,
NO trans fats, or any other fillers. Most of our ingredients are
organic, depending on the season and availability, and
everything is made fresh to order.

Aloha healthy bowls

Acai, granola, bananas,

With such a great response, we felt that there was a ton of
opportunity with our local farmers markets, races, street fairs
and corporate events. Look for us in Orange County and
San Diego. You’ll figure out what all the hype is about…

Aloha Acai Bowls

A passion for healthy
living and eating

After spending 20+ years working in the action sports industry and attending industry trade shows eating burgers, pizza… we quickly realized there were no healthy options.

The idea was born and they saw their goal; be at the very next trade show, which was the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Utah, with an Acai Food Truck. They spent the following year learning how to build the best Acai Bowl out there, focusing
mainly on organic ingredients.

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Trailer & tent setup

We do catering

  • Street Fairs
  • Trade Shows
  • Industries Parties
  • Music Festivals
  • Sports Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties



We can accommodate almost any type of event

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